How to receive money from western union in Nigeria

How to receive money from western union in Nigeria

Many people receive money from foreign countries in Nigeria with western union, western union is a big company that has been in existence for over 15 years and it is present in over 200 countries.

Do you want to know how to receive money from western union in Nigeria?

If yes. Then this post is written for you, am going to be showing you different methods to receive money from western union in Nigeria.

After reading this post, you should know how to do this, make sure you read till the end.

Okay, enough talking, let’s get into it…

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How to receive money from western union to my Nigerian bank

Most banks in Nigeria are agents of western union, this means that you can go to the bank and receive money that was sent via western union.

You can use the western union tracking number to know when exactly your money will be available for pick up.

The western union tracking number will be provided to you by the sender of the money, you will use the number to track the money transfer and wait until the money is ready for pick up.

To receive the money, follow the below steps:

  1. Visit the western union agent i.e. the Nigerian bank that is a western union agent.
  2. Head to the customer care location of the western union agent and tell them you want to receive western union funds.
  3. A form will be given to you to fill, in this form you will provide information like the name of the person who sent you money via western union, the country the money was transferred from, MTCN, ID card and also answer the secret question.

The agent will verify your identity and once it is done, your money will be paid to you.

How to receive money from western union via quickteller

Western Union in Nigeria

If you want to receive money from western union via quickteller, you need to do the following:

  1. Login to
  2. Click on the SEND AND RECEIVE MONEY tile.
  3. Click on the WESTERN UNION tile.
  4. Select your bank, either GTbank, Stanbic IBTC or WEMA bank.
  5. Under “CHOOSE CURRENCY”, select “NAIRA”.
  6. Click “RECEIVE MONEY NOW” and the western union receive money data page opens.
  7. Now carefully enter the following details.
  8. The MTCN as provided by the sender.
  9. Sender’s country.
  10. Receiving account number i.e. your bank account number where you wish to receive the funds.
  11. Receiving account type i.e. either savings or current
  12. Expected amount in Naira
  13. Under receiving currency, leave the name of the bank & Naira as default.
  14. First name (Receiving account).
  15. Surname (Receiving account).
  16. Mobile number
  17. Answer to test questions as provided by the sender.
  18. Click “CONTINUE”

19.. Confirm the details provided.

How to receive western union on your smartphone

I will show you how to receive western union on your smartphone by creating a mobile wallet, let me show you the steps:

  1. Create a mobile wallet on western union on your phone.
  2. When someone is about to send you money via western union, the person should select the option “receiver’s mobile wallet”.
  3. Once the money has been sent successfully, your wallet should notify you that the money is now available.
  4. From there, you can go ahead to withdraw the cash, use mobile money to purchase products, buy airtime and pay your bills.

That is the process to receive money on your smartphone with western union.

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How to receive western union transfers using ATM in Nigeria

Another way to receive western union transfers in Nigeria is by using an ATM. Let me show you how, keep on reading.

  1. Visit the ATM machine of the bank with which you own an account and which is western union agent.
  2. Press any button on the ATM and click on Western union option.
  3. Provide all the necessary information, including sender’s country (or country/ ISO code), sender’s full name, your full name, MTCN etc.
  4. Provide your 10 digit NUBAN and confirm your transaction.
  5. Wait for your transaction to finish processing and you should receive your money.

That’s the simple process.

Summary of what you need to receive western union in Nigeria

To receive western union in Nigeria, you need the following:

  1. The MTCN (Money transfer control number), which is a 10-digit reference code assigned to every single money transfer made using western union.
  2. Make sure the money is sent with your first and last name, if you are the receiver and it must match with your account name.
  3. You must be able to provide the sender’s full name.
  4. You must enter the amount expected in Naira.
  5. Provide the name of the country were the money is being sent from.
  6. Answer the test question correctly.

Western union limits in Nigeria

  1. Foreigners are allowed to send you money from different countries to Nigeria, i.e. if they provide you with the MTCN code.
  2. Receiver of the money has to provide his or her ID card to get money.
  3. If you receive more than $10,000, your transaction has to be reported to the central bank of Nigeria.
  4. The receiver of the money has to know the answer to the test question.
  5. You can transfer your funds using western union only within the country if you are located in Nigeria.

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With this post, you should now know how to receive money from western union in Nigeria. Just visit the western union agent when your money is ready for pick up, fill the form with all the required details and you should receive your money without any problems.

If you have questions, you can leave them below and I will tend to them as soon as I can.

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Thank you for reading.

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