How to check Zenith bank statement of account

How to check Zenith bank statement of account

If you’re looking for a way to check your Zenith bank statement of account, then this is the right and straight-to-the-point guide for you.

A bank statement of account is like a detailed journal of all the financial transactions that have been carried out over a certain period of time.

There are actually various reasons why you might want to do so I.E (check your bank statement of account), there are times where an amount of money will just disappear without you withdrawing it, or maybe you have a financial dispute with someone that you would like to shed light on.

You just have to get your statement of account and look through it to see how transactions have been going in and out.

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So in this guide, I will be listing three different methods which you can use to check your Zenith bank statement of account, let’s dive in!

1. Check statement of account through Zenith bank  mobile app

The first method here is checking on your Zenith bank mobile app, it is actually so easy and only requires two things which is, a smartphone (either Android or IOS) and an internet connection.

If you don’t have access to any of the two listed requirements above, check the other two methods in this guide to see the suitable option for you.

  • Download and install the Zenith bank app or click it open if you already have it installed.
  • Now sign in to your account
  • Once logged in, click on your account number, then go to *History* on the overview section.
  • On the next screen, select where you would like to send the statement of account to I.E (an Email address) and also choose the date for which you want to view the statement.
  • Click on send statement and you will receive it in a PDF file format.

As easy as that, let’s move to the second method now.

2. Check statement of account through Zenith bank internet banking

This second method also requires two things, a smartphone (either Android or IOS) and an internet connection.

But in contrary to the first method, you will be checking your statement of account on Zenith bank’s official website.

  • Visit Zenith bank’s internet banking page here and login into your account.
  • Select your account type on the next page, either Savings, Current or Corporate account.
  • Go to the account summary page and choose the account you would like to view the statement for – also select the date range.
  • Now the statement is ready to be printed, just click on download.

Let’s proceed to the third method which is also the last.

3. Visit the nearest Zenith Bank branch

This method doesn’t have an actual order that you need to follow.

You just need to find and visit any Zenith bank near you – here’s a Zenith bank branch finder, visit the web page to quickly get a glance.

Once you reach the vicinity, ask to meet with a customer service rep and tell them you would like a hard copy of your Zenith bank account statement.

The cost of printing is just N100 maximum unless you’re printing multiple pages.

This method, just like others listed before it doesn’t take much time at all.

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I hope this guide will be helpful – any other questions? The comment section is open, feel free to ask.

Thank you for reading my post on how to check zenith bank statement of account.

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