How to check BVN on Polaris bank

How to check BVN on Polaris bank

Read all about how to check BVN on Polaris bank.

The central bank of Nigeria in collaboration with all Nigerian banks launched a centralized biometric identification system tagged bank verification number (BVN).

The bank verification number (BVN) is an initiative aimed at protecting bank customers and further strengthening the Nigerian banking system.

With the increasing incidents of compromise on conventional security systems (password & PIN), there is a high demand for greater security on access to sensitive or personal information in the banking system. The BVN exercise is mandatory for all account owners.

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How to check bvn on Polaris bank

You can check your BVN on Polaris bank via USSD easily. All you have to do is dial *565*0# from the phone number that is registered with your bank account.

Once you dial the code, your account balance will be displayed alongside your bank account name, your bank account number and also your BVN.

You should also know that this cost 20 naira i.e. you need to have at least 20 naira in your balance for this to work.

Other methods to check bvn on Polaris bank

Contact Polaris bank customer care

You can contact the Polaris bank customer care and request for your bank verification number (BVN), and they will be glad to assist you. They may require you provide some certain information before they help you get your BVN.

Visit Polaris bank branch

As a last resort, you can go the nearest Polaris bank branch to get your BVN, they may require you to provide a few information, in other to confirm you are the owner of the bank account, before they will tell you, your BVN.


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