How To Check Gtbank Account Balance

How To Check GTbank Account Balance

Do you know technology has made everything easy for us including how to check your gtbank account balance from the comfort of your home without any need for you to visit the bank or join any long queue or contact your account manager? I guess you never notice how easy it is to carry out this action until you go through this article.

Guaranty Trust Bank just like any other bank in Nigeria has tried its best to make banking fun by ensuring we perform different transactions from the comfort of our home without moving an inch and still enjoy digital banking without any form of limitations.

How do I check my GT bank  account balance

The solution to this question has been made available if you stick to the end of this article without changing tabs, but before then you need to follow the below-listed methods for you to gain access to your account balance.

Each of these methods listed below will give you access to your gtbank account balance if you have the requirements which include Your phone number attached to your bank account, and another method may require you to make use of a smartphone with an internet connection.

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Methods Of Checking GTbank Account Balance

For you to use this method there are certain requirements you need to fulfill depending on the method you are using but here are the method you can use

  • USSD code
  • GTB mobile banking app
  • Internet Banking

Let’s consider each of the methods in detail to ensure a better understanding

Check GTbank account balance with USSD Code

To check your gtbank account using this method, you can just dial the unique  USSD code which is *737#, and follow the prompt, or you dial *737*6*1# to go straight to the option of checking your balance and you’ll be asked to enter your pin to verify your transaction and we didn’t a short time The details of your account balance will be delivered to you in form of a text message or a flash message

Please note that before you can do this ensure you have registered for the USSD code service with the number is connected to your bank account

Check GTbank account balance with GTB Mobile banking app

This is the method that needs an internet-connected device, and then you need to visit the Google Play store or the Apple store to download the gtbank mobile application.

Signup if you’ve not done that before or sign in if you already have a profile. And for every time you log in your account balance will be made available on your dashboard

Check GTbank account balance with Internet banking

This is another easy method that also needs an internet connection with a smartphone just like that of a mobile banking application but in this case, all you need to do is to visit the gtbank online platform and sign in and if you’ve not created an online profile you can do so or use the details for your mobile banking application and your account balance will be displayed on your dashboard

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You can now see how easy it is to check your gtbank account balance without stress, if you can follow the above-listed guide that means the problem to your solution has been found.

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