How to block First bank ATM card

How to block First bank ATM card

Read all about how to block first bank ATM card

Since the early rise of technology and mobile banking, ATM cards is now the ideal way to carry money around. With just your ATM card, you can visit any place in the world without having to worry about your financial status as you can withdraw money at any time if needed.

Though there is one but, since these ATM cards are physical object, they are liable to get misplaced, get stolen by preying scammers or even get destroyed unintentionally.

If any of the above happens to you, do not panic at all as you can quickly block the ATM card with ease, this will render it useless.

Now, how can you block your ATM card? Do not tinker with your brain too much as this guide on “How to block First bank ATM card” will explain how.

You will be shown 2 easy, simple and straightforward methods you can use to block your First bank ATM card at the comfort of your home incase of any fraudulent activity, theft or unauthorized withdrawals.

Without wasting any more time, let’s get started…

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Methods to block your First bank ATM card

As mentioned above, you will be shown 2 different ways you can use to block your ATM card if misplaced or stolen by fraudsters.

Below are the 2 various methods:

  • Official First bank Mobile app available for both Android and IOS devices
  • SMS alerts

Let’s now proceed to explain these 2 methods in details.

How to block your First bank ATM card via the official mobile app

You can block your First bank ATM card on the official mobile app published on legitimate app hosting platforms.

To follow this procedure, make sure to have an Android phone or an IOS device and also a stable internet connection.

Procedures are outlined below:

  • Firstly, you need to download and install the First bank mobile app if you haven’t done so before. It is available on Google play store and Apple store for IOS users
  • After successful installation, open the First mobile app on your phone or device and register or login to your account
  • The click on “Option >>Card Services” and select your card type.
  • Click on the “Hotlist Card” button to block you ATM card and render it useless

Once the process is successfully completed, your ATM card will be blocked and you’re now safe from the hands of scammer.

How to block your First bank ATM card via SMS alerts

Another easy method to block your First bank ATM card is through SMS alert, this particular method can be done on any phone, either a burner phone, an Android or IOS devices.

Follow the steps below:

  • Go to the message app and click on “send new message or start chat” depending on what phone you’re using
  • Then send “BLOCK” to the First bank hotline which is “30012
  • Be sure that the message is sent with the phone number already linked with your First bank account

If the message went through successfully, your lost or stolen ATM card will be blocked from making withdrawals.

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Panicking is not the next thing to do when you’re ATM card get lost or stolen, this will only give the perpetrators more time to finalize their evil intent.

I hope this guide will help you avert loosing your money to scammers, if you have any questions at all, kindly use the comment section below.

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